What is the Year of Open Source?

A little bit more about this project and how it works

The End of a Year of Open Source

An open letter to supporters, friends, and passersby, one year after starting my project:     Today is the end of the Year of Open Source. A year of research, challenges, fascinating conversations, and much trial and error. My adventure

My Year of Open Source (CNN)

This article was originally published on CNN.com and is here published under my usual CC-BY-SA licence.   (CNN) — It started a few years ago, as I was spiraling down one of Wikipedia’s endless information rabbit holes. I already had

Snowflake Hat

This winter has been the longest and darkest in Berlin since 1951, so last month I paid another visit to Fabienne Serrière (FBZ) who you might recall from my earlier video as a hardware hacker and machine knitter extraordinaire. This

Building the RepRap Prusa i3 3D printer

A couple of weeks ago I attended Open 3D Engineering‘s first ‘Build Your Own 3D Printer’ workshop at Fab Lab Berlin to find out a little more about the process of 3D printing in general and the RepRap project in

Wer will Open Source Unterhosen mitnähen?


Siri, Print Me A Chair


Meet New People! Learn to Code! Eat Snacks!


Getting Technical with Open Education

This post originally appeared on my blog at Shareable.net My open source smartphone is still causing me grief, I don’t know what kind of voodoo controls my internet router, and I’m constantly finding myself stuck in boring, repetitive tasks on

My first play with the Arduino

[Video] I’m learning electronics and programming, one stupid mistake at a time

The Wonderful, Wooly World of Hacked Knitting Machines

[Video] Check out what Fabienne Serrière (and others) are creating on their ’80s knitting machines