Project Supporters

The following wonderful, generous people contributed $10 or more (some contributed much, much more!) to the Year of Open Source project during the IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign, which raised $6731, allowing me to leave my part-time job and focus much more of my time on this project over the coming year. This project would not be possible without you.

Those contributors who asked to remain anonymous, you know who you are (and I know who you are) so thank you, your generosity is very much appreciated!

Thank you to everyone who told their friends, who gave a dollar, who tweeted, blogged, and gave suggestions, sent links and encouraged me throughout the process. A special thank you to Judith for all the drawings, editorial advice and constant moral support!

A huge thank you to each and every one of you!

Year of Open Source Project Supporters:

Osama Al-Dosary

Jonathan Allan

Gianluca Alloisio

Thibault Appourchaux

Clark Bardsley

Ants Bell

Lasse Bigum

Jeremy Blum

Jessica Brianne Hester

Jonny Brooking

Anthony Byrd

Giuseppe CalĂ 

Kate & Garth Carnaby

Ondrej Cesik

Conor Clarke & Nicolas Giraldon

Sally Conor

Stephanie Corne

Matthieu Coudert

Christopher Covington

Jessica Covington

Mark Crookston

Damjan Cvetko

J Dearing

Alex Diete

Christophe Drevet

Michael Dye

James A. Elian

Eric Ernst

Federica Fant

Alan Ferguson

Bram Geenen

Megan Grady

John Griffey

Nicolas Guichard

Lily Hacking & Oliver O’Connell

Ladislav Hagara

Daniel Harrington

Georgina Harris

Matthew Hill

Phillip Horger

Oliver Hulett

John Iglar

Jakub Jankiewicz

Richard S Just


Ronen Kadushin

Kaj Kandler

Jenine Kerr

Casey King

Johan Larsson

Van Bo Le-Mentzel

Jonah Libster

Eugenia Lim

Simon Love

Kimberlee & Luke Munn

Matthew Maier

Anush Martirossian

Ronan McAoidh

Shaun McGirr

Jenniffer Meding

Ben Mergelsberg

Brandon Milholland

Lisa S Miller

Thomas Moreau

Geo Morjane

Klaus Mueller

Susannah Muirhead

Jono Muirhead

Timothy Neale

Charles Odom

Tara Oldfield

Mirabel Oliver

Justin Patera

Maurice Perry

Sigmund Petersen

Lauren Prestney

David Ritchie

James Robinson

Silvie Sachseneder

Jim Salter

Patrick Schupp

Nate Shiff

Irving Silva Bermudez

Phillipa Sleigh

Dave Smiley

Michael Smith

Barron Snyder

Daniel Sprouse

Keira Stephenson

Robert Stetka

Jamie Stoik

Paul Thompson

Michelle Thorne

Cameron Tod

Diane Trout

J Versteeg


Michael Werner

Diederick Weyschede

Georgina Wildman

Carol Yung

if I’ve missed someone, misspelled a name, or if I should add anything else in, don’t hesitate to send me an email (sam at

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    1. Hi Kate, I am on identica, reddit + diaspora as well, but facebook and twitter are also necessary. Although I no longer have a personal facebook account I do have Year of Open Source twitter and facebook project accounts. This is because the target audience for my project is not necessarily people who already use free software and hack their hardware, but rather it’s about reaching out to people who don’t already know about these ideas. Those people, unfortunately, are on facebook and twitter.

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