What is the Year Of Open Source?

What is the Year of Open Source?

Year of Open Source is a year-long investigative process and life experiment, documented in video, writing, and other media. I’m a filmmaker from New Zealand, based in Berlin. Until August 2013, I’m trying to live Open Source for a year – avoiding traditionally copyrighted products, using products released under open licenses, or adapting or developing my own. In every aspect of my life, from the clothes I wear to the film equipment and appliances I use, I will be looking for and switching to open source alternatives, in hardware, software and services.

The goal is to investigate how free / libre / open source ideas have spread to other areas outside of software – to test out the theory and see how feasible an ‘open source life’ may be. The other core part of the project is to spread the idea of open source, to get people to understand what it is and how it works, and to consider using open source options and methods.

Check out my original crowdfunding video for a basic introduction (the campaign is finished but you can still get your hands on the Open Source Swimsuit Calendar)

All the while I will be gaining knowledge and perspective on core concepts and examples of free/libre/open culture and the best methods of communicating these ideas. The lessons and experience of this year will also go into a libre-licensed creative video work which will start production in August 2013. Keep coming back for updates, blog posts and videos throughout the year!

Sam Muirhead

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  1. I like your swimsuit calendar :-)
    If you like free art – especially free music – check out our plattform “Neppstar” which we started 10 years ago. We use the “Lizenz für freie Inhalte v1.0 im Sinne von http://www.neppstar.net” which is comparable to GNU-GPL for free software. Some of the music-stuff can well be used for videos.

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