Year of Open Source

[UPDATE, 2014] Year of Open Source ran from August 1st 2012-August 1st 2013.

The project kicked off a number of adventures further into this ever-expanding field: these days I spend my time applying the open source approach to video, to the circular economy, and, well, everything else.

What is the Year of Open Source?

The End of a Year of Open Source

My Year of Open Source (CNN)

Snowflake Hat

Building the RepRap Prusa i3 3D printer

Wer will Open Source Unterhosen mitnähen?

Siri, Print Me A Chair

Meet New People! Learn to Code! Eat Snacks!

Getting Technical with Open Education

My first play with the Arduino

The Wonderful, Wooly World of Hacked Knitting Machines

Does Anyone Know Smartphone CPR?

Speaking at the Summit of Newthinking, 15th November

A GitHub for physical things: Knowable

Keeps Your Whites Whiter and Your Skin Itchier

Julia Kloiber on Open Data

My music library desperately needs updating…

Cultural Commons Collecting Society

How Public is Your Transport?

Posted on September 24, 2012

Two ways to make bricks

I’m in Helsinki… help me get home?

Open Knowledge Festival, but what’s the most 'open source' way to get back to Berlin?

Posted on September 18, 2012

Summit of newthinking

Serve Cold, with a Heated Licensing Discussion

Meta Mate Mier is a very fine beer

Sharing some wisdom (teeth)

Open Source Undies Brainstorming Session

Open Source Undies?

Last Open Source Hero

Last 24 hours of crowdfunding!

A Double Hit of Handsome

While we’re celebrating epic triumphs and awesome robots…

Kicking off a year of Open Source Everything!

Another spectacular opening ceremony

Another month, another hunk…

New Perks! Copyleft Cookies and a Foxy Lady

Marchin’ into March with Marcin Jakubowksi

Mr February

Year of Open Source Press Release

It’s on!